One of the highlights of this summer was Cherry Blossom Intimates got featured on 60 Second Docs last August 3, 2021. Hooray!!!

Who doesn't love shopping? Shopping for clothes is fun but shopping for lingerie is even better.

“Lingerie could be whatever you want it to be”

-Jasmine Jones (Founder/CEO)

What we put on our bodies greatly affects our mood, how we see and present ourselves, plus it gives us an extra confidence boost. Quite sure everyone does a happy dance in the mirror when they like what they are wearing or maybe take a few snaps when they feel extra sexy with their new lingerie.

So how would you feel if you need to go on a shopping trip and you get sent behind walls of diapers and aisles of bedpans? Unfortunately, that’s how most shopping trips go for women who experienced breast cancer. It’s restrictive and neither fun nor sexy. This is what inspired Jasmine to create Cherry Blossom Intimates, which aims to change the way breast cancer survivors shop for lingerie.

A quick glimpse and you’ll think that it’s just another fancy lingerie boutique but it’s definitely more than that. It’s a lingerie boutique and an accredited medical facility in one! Aside from the gorgeous pieces that you can see in the racks and shelves, the boutique specializes in using 3D printing technology to create customized realistic breast forms for women post mastectomy. It is an inclusive place where breast cancer survivors can have fun, feel sexy, and enjoy a dignified lingerie shopping experience.

“Women who experienced breast cancer have no issues wanting to be sexy again” -Jasmine

Fun and flirty lingerie looks amazing on any woman’s body

and the strength of being a survivor of breast cancer is sexy.

Check out the documentary here:

August 05, 2021 — Abi Manianglung