Whether you’re on call or relaxing, quarantine is a perfect time to try new things with makeup. Who knows, maybe you’ll have a new signature look once the pandemic is over! Below are a few autumn beauty trends that can be tried at home, and work for all skin tones.
 This bold eyeliner can work on a variety of skin tones if the colors are changed.
 Black eyeliner looks good on everyone, regardless of skin color or tone.
Full fluffy brows work on any face shape.
Obviously, no one can have perfect skin like these two models. But we can all practice better skincare rituals.
Red Lipstick is flattering on all women, you just need to find the right shade.
This Jeweled tone shadow can also work on dark skin.
Matching your eye makeup to your mask is easy and simple.
October 03, 2020 — Taylor Hemby