Welcome back to lingerie school! In the last post, we focused on types of lingerie you could use from home. This post will focus on the type of accessories you can get from Cherry Blossom Intimates. Enjoy and happy shopping!

 This phone case is chic and stylish. Perfect for protecting your phone, it also comes in a variety of finishes.
Keep your hands germ free with hand sanitizer, which comes in different scents.
Carry everything you need in our organic bags, which come in different colors and sizes.
Decorate your notebook or laptop with one of our trendy stickers.
Have your own personal affirmation journal to keep track of your self-love goals during the semester.
Organize your days with a lingerie-inspired planner.
Study late into the night with a hot drink using our signature mug.
Wrap your body in shimmer using bronzing body lotion.
 Whatever your school days look like, accessories from Cherry Blossom Intimates will have you ready for what the day brings. Best of luck and pink kisses!
August 07, 2020 — Taylor Hemby