Corset Cinderella: A Lingerie Fairytale

Corset Cinderella: A Lingerie Fairytale

This is the first in a series of short stories where women search for love, happily ever after and the perfect lingerie.

          Once upon a time, in a land far away, a single man lived with his beautiful young daughter named Cindy. Cindy was a kind hearted girl who loved to do things for others. She was a talented seamstress, and her favorite things to sew were lingerie and loungewear. Although he loved his daughter, Cindy’s father was very lonely since the passing of his wife. He decided to try dating again and soon met Lola Lacy, a recently divorced woman with two daughters of her own. After a few months, he proposed to Lola, who eagerly said yes. The wedding was held in the village church. Cindy and her two new stepsisters, Vanity and Pretensia, were flower girls for the ceremony. All five of them lived in the house of Cindy’s father.

          A year passed and the village was struck with a terrible illness. Cindy’s father passed, and all of the property went to Lola Lacy. Lola showed her true colors and was jealous of Cindy’s talent for making beautiful lingerie. As the girls got older, she forced Cindy to make beautiful foundations for Vanity and Pretensia, who were pursued by multiple suitors. Cindy spent most of her days cooking and cleaning for her stepmothers and stepsisters, who laid around in bed all day and went partying at night. At night, Cindy secretly wished she could have beautiful lingerie for herself again.

          One Day, as Cindy walked through the village square getting groceries a fancy golden carriage rolled in. Everyone in town stopped to look at the carriage. A messenger from the royal palace stepped out to make an announcement.

“The king and queen are having the annual Royal Intimates Ball tonight” he said “It is in honor of their son, Prince Charming who is looking for a bride. He is looking for a woman who wears the most beautiful lingerie, for that is the woman who is the most elegant” Cindy rushed home to try and find something to wear.

“Cindy” Vanity called from downstairs. “I need you to make me something beautiful for the ball tonight”

“Me too” Pretensia said. “Mother said you can’t do anything else until our outfits have been sewn.” Cindy labored all day, making beautiful dresses for her stepsisters and stepmother. When she looked up it was seven o’ clock. Cindy quickly put on an old dress that belonged to her mother and went downstairs. Her stepsisters and stepmother were already sitting in the carriage.

“Wait” Cindy said “I want to go too”

“Nah” Lola said. “We need someone to look after the house while were gone” the carriage quickly sped off, splattering mud on Cindy’s dress. Cindy sniffled and ran back into the house crying, for her corseted dress was ruined. She was sobbing on the stairs when she heard the voice of an old woman.

“Why do you weep?” the old woman asked. Cindy looked up to see a frail old woman covered in a silk cape.

“I can’t go to the intimates ball and catch a prince” Cindy said. “My dress is ruined and I don’t how to get there.” The old woman pulled out a want.

“I’m your fairy godmother” she said. “Stand up. You’ll go to the ball. You won’t be on time though” Cindy stood up and the old woman waved her wand up in the air. Cindy’s ruined dress was replaced with a lovely blue corset and skirt that was made of colored glass.

“Outside there is a silver carriage and horses” Fairy Godmother said. “Take it to the ball. But you must leave when the clock strikes midnight. The glass corseted dress will vanish and turn into a woolen sack.” Cindy quickly walked outside and took the carriage to the grand palace. Cindy arrived at the palace and walked into the ballroom. Everyone, including Prince Charming stopped as she stood at the top of the staircase. Prince Charming ran up the staircase to dance with Cindy.

“That’s the most beautiful corset I’ve ever seen” he said as they waltzed.

“Thanks” Cindy said. “I do love high quality lingerie” they danced for about an hour, and the clock in the ballroom struck midnight.

“I have to go” Cindy said walking away from the prince.

“Wait!” Prince Charming called as Cinderella ran out of the palace. “Come back! I didn’t even get your name!” Cindy tripped on her skirt as she ran down the steps and the glass corset fell and split in two. Prince Charming picked up the two pieces of the carved glass and vowed to find her.

The next day, Prince Charming had his servants put wanted ads throughout the village for the mysterious girl. He travelled through the village, and tried the glass corset on girls of all shapes and sizes. But whenever the girl tried it on, it would never fit back together perfectly. He finally stopped at the last house in town and had his right-hand man knock on the door.

“Come in” Lola Lacy said “My daughters are sitting in the living room” Prince Charming walked into the house. Vanity and Pretensia sat on a long couch in their best dresses.

“Beautiful dresses” Prince Charming said as he took out the glass corset. “Who made them”

“Just our stepsister” Vanity said “She’s nobody special” Prince Charming tried the corset on Vanity. It didn’t fit. He then tried it on Pretensia. The corset wouldn’t fit back together.

“Where is your stepsister?” he asked.

“Cleaning somewhere” Pretensia replied.

“Bring her down here” Prince Charming ordered. Cindy came walking down the stairs holding a mop. The prince put the two pieces of the glass corset around Cindy’s waist. A bright light filled the room and the corset molded perfectly to Cindy’s shape.

“It’s you” Prince Charming said. “You’re the girl who has the best taste in lingerie in all the land. It is you who will be my wife”

Cindy and Prince Charming were married the following month in a big ceremony at the palace. After the ceremony was over, they got into a beautiful carriage to go on their honeymoon. Cindy looked out the window and waved goodbye to her stepmother and two stepsisters, who were looking on with envy.

“Goodbye stepmother” Cindy said as she waved “Goodbye stepsisters. I hope while I’m gone you learn that lingerie isn’t one size fits all!”


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