Even though how we celebrate the changing seasons this year is different, we can still have socially distant fun! Below are a few fall activities you can do from home, Covid-19 edition.
1. Walking, Hiking and Biking
Bring a mask with you for this one. Try taking a walk in your local neighborhood, hiking a new trail or going for a solo bike ride. Remember to stay six feet apart from others.
2.Arts and Crafts
Try making something creative at home inspired by the fall season. You can use materials from home, or order online from your local craft store. If you think you aren’t creative, maybe this is the time to try something new!
3.See the Stars
Try your hand at stargazing! All you need is a pair of binoculars, fresh eyes and a clear night.
4.House Decorating
Stuck at home? Try decorating your house or individual room. You can find plenty of online inspiration to make your space the haven of your dreams.
Try baking a new fall desert. With recipes online and in print, you’re sure to find something sweet to try.
6. Enjoy a Fall Film
Have a DIY movie night where you watch a film based on or set in the fall at home.
7.Fall Beauty Trends
Makeup always changes with the weather. Now that we’re at home, it’s the perfect time to try a new fall beauty trend at home. What if you had a great new look during your next zoom meeting?
8.Fall Leaf Frolicking
This activity is perfect for families with little kids! After raking the leaves into a pile, let your little one jump in, or go with them!
9.Sweater Weather
Now that it’s getting colder, try adding a few new sweaters to your cold weather wardrobe. The same goes for jackets and coats too!
Try having a camping trip in your own backyard or local park.
October 03, 2020 — Taylor Hemby