Halloween is a major holiday in October, especially for kids and their families. A spooky time for scary movies and trick or treating, Halloween is a time for candy and costumes. Things are different this year due to Covid-19, and many families have had to alter their plans. Regardless of what you plan to do on hallows eve, below are a few family friendly Halloween movies you can enjoy at home. Important Note: All children are at different levels. Please research these films before deciding to view them as a family.
Monster House (2006)
D.J (voiced by Mitchell Mousso) is left in the care of his babysitter for the weekend by his parents. When his friend, Chowder, accidently loses his ball of the lawn of Nebbercracker, the ‘crazy man’ of the neighborhood, the two team up with another girl, Jenny to get it back. Simple right? What starts out as a quick trip turns into a haunted house adventure filled with scares, humor and secrets!
Twitches (2005)
Two royal twin witch sisters are separated at birth to save their lives from an evil darkness. On their 21st birthdays, their paths cross again. What’s a pair of newly found sisters to do? Team up, learn the truth about their birth family and save their kingdom from a mysterious evil.
Coraline (2009)
Coraline is a curious independent girl who has recently moved with her parents to a new state. One night she discovers an alternative world inside her apartment complex. What seems like a world of wonder and magic hides a sinister secret. Can she make it out and live to tell the tale?
Hocus Pocus (1993)
A teenage boy moves to Salem, Massachusetts, not believing in witches and scary tales. On the eve of Halloween, he follows a girl from school to an old cottage in the nearby woods. Little does he know, three hundred years ago, a group of powerful witches cast a curse that would awaken them on Halloween if a virgin lit a black candle. After accidently awakening the witches, the teenage boy and his newfound friends have to break the curse before it’s too late!
My Babysitter’s A Vampire (2010/2011)
Ethan’s parents don’t trust him to watch his younger sister. So they hire a pretty, seemingly innocent girl to babysit. What don’t his parents know? This beauty is a vampire, and tonight she has her own demons to send to the grave. Hold on tight for a frightening, but funny ride.
Spirited Away (2001)
A young girl and her family are travelling to their new home. On the way they stop a roadside diner and her parents come under a mysterious spell. To free them and find the way home, she must muster her courage and strength before they all are spirited away.
The Night Before Christmas (1993)
The King of Halloween town is bored with his daily routine and decides to try something new: Christmas! The problem: He didn’t give Santa Claus the heads up! Enjoy this Disney classic.
October 04, 2020 — Taylor Hemby