Goldilocks and The Three Teddies: A Lingerie Fairytale

Goldilocks and The Three Teddies: A Lingerie Fairytale

        Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, lived a young woman named Goldilocks. Goldilocks lived with her widowed mother and older brother Elmer, in a small cottage at the edge of the kingdom.

“Goldie” her mother called from the kitchen one afternoon. Goldilocks walked into the tiny kitchen, where her mother stood over a large black cauldron.

“Yes?’ Goldilocks asked. She put her hand mirror in her pocket.

“Do you remember what today is?” her mother said.

“No” Goldilocks said shaking her head. Goldilocks’s mother rolled her eyes.

“Today’s Sienna’s bachelorette party” her mother said.

“Oh yeah” Goldilocks said. Her older brother, Elmer was getting married next month to a chunky girl named Sienna, who came from a neighboring kingdom.

“Remember what you’re supposed to get?” Goldilocks’s mother asked. She rolled her eyes at her daughter’s silence. “You’re supposed to get matching teddies for the three bridesmaids to wear at the party”

“I remember now” Goldilocks said.

“Here’s some money” her mother said. “Go into the woods to the lingerie market. Don’t doddle and come straight back”

“Okay mom” Goldilocks said as she walked out the door.

“I mean it Goldie” her mother said firmly “No taking side trips. And no shopping”

Goldilocks put the money in her pocket and walked into the woods. After some time, she reached a fork in the woods. To the left, was a sign that read Lingerie Market, to the right was a sign that read The Three Bears Lingerie. Goldilocks smiled to her self and thought I can make one stop before I buy the lingerie for the party. What’s the worst that could happen?

She turned right and walked through a large maze of trees and found herself in front of a small store with three teddies on display in the window. Goldilocks smiled and knocked on the front door of the store.

“Hello?” she called. No answer. Goldilocks opened the door and walked inside. The store was small, but well decorated. Goldilocks looked through all the lingerie for sale and then turned back to the display window, where the three teddies were hanging.

I’ll take one of these for myself. She thought. They won’t notice if one is gone. Goldilocks tried on each teddy one by one. The first one was a soft pink, but it was too big. The second teddy was blue, but it was too small. The third teddy was red, and it fit just right. Goldilocks stuffed the red teddy into her shopping basket and prepared to leave the store.

“Hey” a large voice growled. “Who’s in here trespassing?” A large female bear entered through the front door, followed by two other female bears. Goldilocks screamed and dropped the red teddy.

“It’s impossible” she said “This is your store?”

“Why do you think its called The Three Bears Lingerie?” the female bear asked crossing her hairy arms. The three bears roared in unison and Goldilocks ran out of the shop. She ran out of the forest and all the way back home. Her mother was in the living room with Elmer, Sienna and the bridesmaids.

“What happened?” Sienna asked “Where are the three teddies?” Goldilocks quickly told them the story, and they all burst into laughter.


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