Everyone deserves to feel like a sex symbol, even if they’ll never be famous. At Cherry Blossom Intimates we Believe every woman deserves the right to own her sexuality, whatever that looks like to her. Below are a few hispanic sex symbols to take lingerie inspiration from.

Lilia Prado

This sultry beauty embraced her curves with girly elements, such as the ruffles shown below. See if adding drapey elements is on your lingerie checklist.


Celia Cruz

Celia Cruz flaunted her black beauty with frilly elements that emphasized movement. Look for pieces that highlight the sexual movement of your figure.


Tongolele (Yolanda Montes)


Tongolele used beautiful embellishment and embroidery to showcase her sexiness. Look for embroidered pieces this summer.

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July 13, 2021 — Taylor Hemby