Let’s be honest. Times are tough, and for many, the future is uncertain. Fashion is now an unnecessary luxury. But while we all are wondering how to get through Covid-19, we should also wonder what will we change about our consumer habits and style choices once the pandemic is over. The Lingerie Industry, which was already changing prior to the pandemic, will look different once it’s over. Women are changing their habits and the types of lingerie they choose to invest in. Will your lingerie personality change as well?

      Females are diverse in their wants, needs and desires. This goes especially for their lingerie. Undergarments are deeply personal. But how will women’s choices be different after this epidemic? In order to find out how your lingerie personality will change; you first need to find out what it actually is.

1.How do you like to unwind after a long, hard day? Are you into yoga or meditation? Would you catch up with a friend over cocktails? Do you hit the gym? Or is binge-watching a show your thing? If you are into yoga or working out, try one of Cherry Blossom’s supportive sports bras, perfect for larger breasts.

2.How do you spend your Friday nights? Are you quick to bed for a good nights sleep? Do you work into the midnight hours? Are you into a night out with your girls? If late night seduction is your thing, check out our beautifully embroidered bras and bralettes, which are sexy on any size. 

3.What do your mornings look like? Are you a hustler always on the go? Do you rush to get a morning coffee? Whatever your morning looks like our comfortable panties will help you feel beautiful while you’re stuck in rush hour. Look online to find a matching bra!

4.What’s your favorite type of music? Are you into pop? Old school music? Whatever your genre, there’s a loungewear style for you that reflects your musical tastes.

5.Who is your style icon? Do you follow preppy trendsetters or fashion risk takers? Show your true fashion spirit with our new arrivals.

     Meanwhile, some trends will continue to be popular past summertime. Lace garters continue to be popular, and should be a staple in every woman’s lingerie wardrobe. Sheer fabrics will continue to be liked by women for their ‘tattoo print’ effect and versatility on all skin tones. Bodysuits can be taken from day to night and can add a sexy element to your wardrobe. A few other trends to look out for are dark floral prints and creative garter belts and harnesses.

    With the stress that women and their families around the world are feeling, lingerie is now a form of self-care. It is important to invest in treating yourself, as it is to care for those around you. How have your ideals about lingerie changed since the pandemic began? Are you allowing yourself to prioritize comfort in your lingerie? Is there a new brand that you’ve never tried but are now splurging on? Or are you allowing your inner vixen to fly free? Are you redefining the bra boundaries you may have set for yourself? Once the pandemic finally ends, will you keep your new lingerie personality or go back to your old ways?

June 18, 2020 — Taylor Hemby