Are you in the 80% of us who are wearing the wrong bra size?



We would not hobble around in shoes which do not fit us, so why are we suffering wearing the wrong fitting bra? We all know we should be going to get measured but many of us feel nervous about a bra fitting to find our perfect size. But why? We are all women, who have boobs! Let’s normalize getting regular bra fittings.
From painful digging in wires and straps falling down, we need comfy bras giving us the support we need.
So, why is it important to wear the right bra size?
It is so important, and people do not realize the importance. If you are wearing the right bra size, it will help your fashion as well as mentally help you. You will get the right coverage you need as well as lift, and it is going to make you feel good about yourself. No more worrying if a boob is going to slip out when you bend forwards or a wire digging in for the day. You are going to be happy and comfortable making your day more enjoyable and worry-free with a positive feeling about yourself and appearance.
What problems will occur if I do not wear the right bra?
Pain will be experienced. A lot of the time you will experience red marks. Most of the time we experience red marks when a bra is too big. You wouldn’t think that, but the bra is moving around, up, and down, rubbing on your skin, and causing wires to dig into you. Ladies also have bad back problems from wearing the wrong size which leads to a bad posture.
How do you know if your bra fits right?
When your bra fits right the wires in the middle of your bra, are going to sit flush with your skin and not on top of your breast tissue, which a lot of people don’t know.
When a bra cup is fitting well your boobs will be fully enclosed, with no ridge or bulging over the tops or sides. If you are budling, you are going to need a different cup size.
You should not be scared or feel shy, it is normal, just like a shoe fitting!
It is absolutely fine, no matter your age.
September 21, 2022 — Abi Manianglung