Note: Zodiac Signs can overlap with each other in terms of birthdays. We will only be highlighting ladies who have birthdays that run through October, regardless of sign.
We are now in the month of October, and Cherry Blossom Intimates is celebrating the zodiac signs that have birthdays during this month. Happy Birthday Scorpio and Libra! Below are few picks that Cherry Blossom Intimates thought would be perfect for you!
Embrace your dark side in this plum colored bralette.
This lacy, sheer bra will fill all of your secretive needs.
 Create sexual shock with this bright red brief.
Go undercover in this Chic robe.
This nude bra will give you balance and comfort everyday.
Although sexy, this garter comes in the calming colors of blue and white.
Angelic white and sweet lace make this bra heavenly.
 Happy Birthday October Originals! May all your lingerie wishes come true!
October 03, 2020 — Taylor Hemby