No matter your size or shape, all women should feel confident in their bodies. Below are a few body positive quotes for tall women. Enjoy!


“I’m a tall woman. What’s your superpower?"


“I am too tall to be a girl. I’m somewhere between a chick and a broad”- Julia Roberts


“Life’s too short. I’m not!”-Kristin Chenoweth

If I could choose my height all over again, I couldn’t change a thing. ~Anonymous


“Stand tall, stand proud. Know that you are unique and magnificent. You don’t need the approval of others.”- Jonathan Lockwood Hue


“If tall women weren’t beautiful, high heels had never been created”


“I didn’t choose the tall life. The Tall life chose me”


“Yes, I am tall. No, that does not mean I can’t wear heels”


“Long legs give the best view”


“Oh, I’m too tall to wear heels? Stand on something and say it to my face!”


“Less slouching, more strutting”


“Beauty does not have a height limit”



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October 10, 2020 — Taylor Hemby