Sexy Summer Activities

Sexy Summer Activities

Spring is coming to an end, signaling the arrival of summer. But just because we’re socially distanced doesn’t mean you can’t have sexy summer fun. Below are a few ideas for date nights and girls night outs.


  1. Take a Staycation

Now that travel is slowly beginning to reopen and vaccine levels are starting to climb, try taking a vacation together. You don’t have to go far. Maybe there’s a nice motel in town you can stay for an entire weekend uninterrupted.

  1. Beach Break

Have a swimsuit you’ve been dying to wear? Take your bae to a local beach, pool, or aquatic area to show him what he’s been missing while you’ve been apart during quarantine.

  1. Partnered Picnics

Nothing is more romantic than an outdoor picnic. Wear an outfit that makes you feel the most confident and bring a classic food basket. Don’t forget to bring your masks!

  1. Visit a Drive in Movie Theater

This activity is perfect for social distancing! Why not wear a glittery dress so he’ll see you sparkle in the dark?

  1. Look to the Stars

This activity is also perfect for social distancing. You’ll get to learn something new about the stars and spend time with each other.

Girls Night Outs:

  1. Lingerie Watch Party

In the mood to watch a romantic film with your girls? After making sure everyone is vaccinated and knows social distancing rules, watch a steamy romantic film wearing your favorite lingerie. If you don’t feel safe doing this in person, you can always make it a zoom party!

  1. Seductive Cocktail Competition

If you’ve been experimenting with bartending in quarantine, this ones for you! Go against your friends to see who can make the best sex-inspired cocktail. This competition can be done face to face or virtually. Just make sure you have all the supplies and recipes you need.

  1. Sensual Spa

This easy activity can be done at home or in person. You can go to a spa with your friends and get any relaxing treatment, such as a massage or back rub.

  1. Blushing Book Club

For the booklovers in the world, this activity is a no-brainer. Start a book club with your friends where you read romantic or sensual novels that will make you all blush. This can be in person or virtual.

  1. Truth or Dare-Sex Edition

This activity is perfect for best friends! What do you want from a sexual relationship(truth)? What are you comfortable with (dare)? Play this game knowing your girlfriends won’t judge you or make you feel uncomfortable about your desires.

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