This poem is part of a short series of poems desired to make women of color fall in love with their shade of sexy.

      At Cherry Blossom Intimates, we empower women of all skin tones and colors. Sex appeal is not just for the fairer skinned, and black and brown-skinned women of all different shades should feel like a fox in their undergarments. I hope this short series of poems makes you fall in love with your skin color all over again, and shop our collection of products in varying shades of lighter nudes, taupes, and malt.

To my Golden Girls,

You are the sister to night

The warm rays of a bright sunset

The crème that mixes well with coffee

You are the cinnamon in a spice cabinet

Or the honey in a cup of tea

You are the vanilla ice cream that goes with cake

And the hot sand on the beach

You are the milk served in the morning

The salt served in the afternoon

And the caramel given after dinner

To my golden girls,

You are the sister to night

If you ever think you aren't enough

Remember the day would never begin without the sun


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July 23, 2020 — Taylor Hemby