A new season means new films to love. Tinseltown looks very different this year due to Covid-19, and many have turned to streaming services and cable TV to fulfill their film needs. Below are a few films to watch this summer. Some films have not yet been released in theaters or on streaming services.
Black Widow (July)
No one in the Marvel Universe ever truly dies. Set after Captain America: Civil War, Black Widow finds herself alone and on the run from a dangerous conspiracy from her youth. She also has to confront her strained family, who she left behind once she became an Avenger. Can she face her shady past and come out alive?
Fast and Furious 9 (June)
Following the events of The Fate of The Furious, Dom and his team are still fighting Cipher. But an unexpected twist comes when they’re forced to face an even more powerful villain, Dom’s brother!
Candyman (August)
There’s a myth than an evil spirit haunts the Cabrini-Green Housing Project of Chicago. Anthony McCoy, a former tenant moves back with his girlfriend while starting his artist career. He learns of the Candyman legend and begins to use it in his work, putting him on a collision path with death and danger.
The Forever Purge (July)
Set after The Purge: Election Year, the practice of purging has been outlawed. After escaping a drug cartel, a Mexican couple has to fight vigilantes who want the purge to continue. Can they survive the night?
Space Jam: A New Legacy (July)
For all nostalgic fans of space jam.  A sports champion and his son get trapped in an animated universe. The way out? A basketball game and the power of being yourself.
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May 31, 2021 — Taylor Hemby