The Princess and the Push-Up Bra: A Lingerie Fairytale

The Princess and the Push-Up Bra: A Lingerie Fairytale

         In a kingdom far away, a time long ago, there lived a widowed Queen named Authority, with her young son Prince Fineman. Prince Fineman was her only son and pride and joy. However, he soon grew up into man without a wife. Queen Authority was concerned, as all of her friends sons had gotten married and had children of their own.

“Prince Fineman” She said to her son one sunny afternoon.

“Yes?” Prince Fineman replied.

“I am very concerned my only son” Queen Authority said. “That you have no wife and I do not have a daughter in law”

“Not this again” Prince Fineman said with an eye roll.

“You aren’t getting any younger” Queen Authority said. “It’s high time you starting dating around to find a bride”

“If I date around will you let this go?” Prince Fineman asked. Queen Authority beamed and hugged her son.

“Yes” Queen Authority smiled.

“Fine” Prince Fineman said “I’ll go on a few dates this week”

“No no” Queen Authority said “You leave the matchmaking to me”

“No way” Prince Fineman said “I’m a grown man”

“But I’m your mother” Queen Authority said “Besides, I should be involved in picking out my future daughter-in-law too, since you both will be living here”

“Okay” Prince Fineman said. “But don’t go overboard, okay?”

“I promise” Queen Authority smiled. She kissed her son on the cheek and went to start planning.

Queen Authority was very busy the next week planning a party for her unmarried son. She didn’t speak to Prince Fineman and kept to herself. On Friday evening, she told her son to put on his royal best and meet her in the dining hall.

“I’m here” Prince Fineman said “What’s the surprise?”

“Remember when I told you I would handle the matchmaking?” Queen Authority said.

“Yes” Prince Fineman replied.

“Well I have” Queen Authority said “And I have picked out a nice variety for you to pick from” she opened the double doors to reveal eleven princesses sitting at the long dining table.

“What have you done mother?” Prince Fineman asked.

“These are the twelve best girls in all the land” Queen Authority smiled. “Go in and greet them” Prince Fineman reluctantly smiled at each girl. He sat down at the head of the table and began to talk to the girls around him.

“Where’s the twelfth girl?” Prince Fineman asked her. “I only count eleven here tonight”

“Who knows” Queen Authority said “She couldn’t even respond to my RSVP”

The double doors to the dining room and a beautiful young woman wearing a plain gown entered. She looked up and smiled at the people sitting at the table. Her eyes were dark, almost black and her thick hair was in a messy bun.

“Good evening girls” she said to the other princesses, who snickered at her plain dress. The princess walked over and sat down at the empty twelfth seat.

“You’re the twelfth princess?” Queen Authority asked.

“Yes Queen” the young woman nodded “I’m Princess Lee”

“Oh” Queen Authority huffed “Well you arrived just in time, were going to have dinner”

As dinner was served, Prince Fineman and Princess Lee began to talk. Prince Fineman thought Princess Lee was kind and thoughtful, and Princess Lee found Prince Fineman funny and smart. Throughout the rest of the night, the two only conversed with each other.

Dinner ended at ten p.m. and all off the princesses went back to their rooms.

“Don’t tell me you like her” Queen Authority groaned.

“I do” Prince Fineman said. “And she is one of the girls you picked”

“We’ll see how worthy she is after my intimates test tonight” Queen Authority said.

“What are you talking about?” he asked.

“Nothing” She said “Go to sleep, I’ll see you tomorrow”

Throughout the night, all of the princesses slept peacefully in their rooms, except for one. Princess Lee tossed and turned on her soft mattress. She felt a large hump beneath her mattress but didn’t know what it was.

The next morning, all of the princesses met Queen Authority in the dining room.

“Did everyone have a good night?” she asked.

“Yes” all of the princesses said in unison, except for Princess Lee.

“Why not?” Queen Authority asked.

“All night long I felt a large hump underneath my back. It felt like a push-up bra or something” she whined.

“Really?” Queen Authority said. Princess Lee nodded. They all went back to her room. Queen Authority reached under the mattress and pulled out a push-up bra.

“What?” Princess Lee said shocked. “A bra was under my bed?”

“Only the most classy and sophisticated of princesses would know what a push-up bra was and felt like” Queen Authority said. “You are the right woman for my son.”

Prince Fineman and Princess Lee were soon married in a lavish ceremony. In her wedding vows, Princess Lee stated she would never wear a bra with padding ever again. It wasn’t a good fit for her.

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