Women should love their bodies, but many women don’t. Whether it be from family members or friends, most women and girls have gotten negative comments or feedback about their bodies. During the pandemic, most of us have had time to reflect on our values and how we perceive our looks as women (or maybe we haven’t had the time since we’ve been so busy working or raising kids!). Either way, this is the perfect time to love our unique figures and shapes and embrace them. Below are a few ways we can love our unique bodies at home:

-Love the quirks about your body to honor your family’s unique genetic makeup: The way our bodies look reflects the women in our families. You should be proud that your body reflects that legacy.

-Begin to love yourself and others will too. How do you expect others to respect your body if you won’t?

- Love your body and the younger women after you will too. Young girls look to older women for examples, if you have a positive body image, so will they.

-Take care of your body, and it will return the favor. Having a negative perception of your body will impact how you care for it. Believe your body deserves the best and treat it that way.

-Acknowledge your inner power. Acknowledge all of the great things your body can do.

-Write down three positive things about your body on a piece of paper and place it on your bathroom mirror, so you see it every morning.

-Stop judging other women’s bodies: When we judge another woman’s body or appearance, there is a part of ourselves that we secretly don’t like. In order to love our body’s difference, we need to appreciate body difference in others.

-Try new things with your body: Try new types of exercise, eating or other activities. See how your body feels after.

-Dress Pretty: Show your body some love by wearing things that make you feel beautiful and highlight your body’s individual assets.

-Don’t feed into traditional beauty stereotypes: Many women have been told they aren’t thin enough, curvy enough, light-skinned enough, etc. These stereotypes are hurtful and divisive to female unity. If everyone was meant to look exactly the same, that’s how the world would be, but it’s not.

-Turn a negative thought into a positive: Make any negative thought you may have about your body positive.

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July 23, 2020 — Taylor Hemby