A mastectomy is a life changing operation for any woman. Post-surgical, a breast cancer patient’s life will now involve prosthetics and mastectomy bras. Prosthetics are meant to mimic your original breast, and provide symmetry under clothing and in a mastectomy bra. Below are a few reasons of why it is medically necessary to wear a breast prosthesis after going through a mastectomy:

  • Have a balanced look
  • Gives the appearance of how you looked before surgery
  • Better Fitting Clothes
  • Helps your bra to stay in place
  • Puts proper weight back into your body after losing breast(s)
  • Prevents Headaches and back pains, a result of your new imbalanced chest
  • Restores Confidence
  • Gives your body warmth
  • Protects the chest around scarred areas
  • Helps Maintain Postures
  • Prevents Spine Curvature


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March 14, 2021 — Taylor Hemby