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Prosthesis + Post-Surgical Bras

We understand the critical nature of this time in your patients’ life. We are proud to partner with you and your medical team as a post-mastectomy and and non-surgical reconstructive resource for your patients.

Co-Founder Dr. Regina Hampton, board certified cancer surgeon and certified mastectomy fitter, is passionate about providing comprehensive and compassionate breast health care to all women.

Using an innovative 3-D printing process, silicone prosthetics are an uncanny match for patients and are molded to fit their body, skin shade, contour, shape, and profile. This process helps to add a layer of emotional well-being on patients’ recovery journey.

Not only do we provide physical resources in prosthesis and post-surgical bras, we also take care of the administrative processes, such as insurance billing. Our boutique regulates under federal law, The Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act (WHCRA) of 1988 and we are certified by the Center for Medicare Services

We are committed to providing quality breast health care to your patients.