Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask Pink


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All Natural Mulberry Silk- 100% All Natural Mulberry Silk protects your sensitive facial skin from any harmful lights or chemicals. Just like your second skin, gentle, soft, breathable.
Sleep in Any Position - Comfortable-to-wear and covered in silk soft elastic strap keeps the mask at the right position all night long. Lean and seamless strap design fits perfectly for both back and side sleepers.
Complete Darkness - Block out 100% of the lights. A must-have beauty tool for light-sensitive sleepers, travelers, insomnia and migraine suffers.
Healthy & Anti-aging - With a gentle touch of natural mulberry silk, it magically refreshes your eyes and keeps wrinkles away. Not to mention a joyful, baby-like sleep!
Fit for Any Size - 15 inch (XXS) to 25 inch (XXL) silk covered elastic strap is suitable for women/men/children. Long hair friendly.

Care Instructions: Hand wash with gentle soap and cold water and air dry.